Newmarket’s Most Haunted House & Maze for a good cause! Operation hungry tummy is in full effect at 213 Billings Crescent. We are asking for donations of non-perishable food items as well as raising awareness on Youth Homelessness in Newmarket. From now until Saturday October 31st our doors are open for food donations and our maze will be unbolted on Halloween night Saturday October 31st and open to the public. Eyeballs, Cocktails & witches brew; some tasty snacks like a finger or two? We invite you for some ghoulish fright on Halloween night. Our 1500sq ft outdoor haunted house display & maze, is a fun, interactive and safe experience for every one of all ages to enjoy as the spirits of the dead rise up from the grave and walk around the property. Featuring 10 most creative-playful and frightening monsters, zombies, witches, and more that come alive on Halloween Night. Slaughter House Maze features 6 of the most bone chilling, heart throbbing and fun scares zones you’ll experience here, where the monsters get in your head, keep their distance and give you Goosebumps all the way through the haunt. Enter the remains of the house as you go into the curtain hallway of death, pass through the deep lost closet, down the gone but never forgotten picture and antique hallway, entering the reminisce of the body bag room, finally leaving the premises through the cornstalk garden & cemetery. Building a better community starts with a kind act. This year we are supporting the Newmarket Food Pantry for round two. Last year we asked a couple of neighbours to donate, word spread and we happily raised $500.00 in food donations that year. This year our goal is $2500.00. Help us reach our target in feeding some hungry tummies this season. All of our neighbours, families and friends in our community deserve a worthy meal. The months are getting cold and the demand is high!
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